Barbed wire legend

Barbed wire, mainly used for slow-moving infantry and vehicles, both fixed and mobile. The fixed wire mesh is constructed of barbed wood piles and iron wire; the mobile black iron wire mesh strip is temporarily produced by the factory and transported to the battlefield for temporary installation. The diameter is 70-90 cm, the length is about 10 meters, and the setting speed is fast. High damage strength, can slow down the action of vehicles such as car armored vehicles.

a lazy invention

In 1867, American Joseph Glidden was patented for inventing barbed wire. The invention was a “lazy” result, related to Joseph’s experience as a shepherd boy in a ranch in California. At that time, Joseph often read the book while laying the sheep; when he was burying his head, the animals often knocked down the grazing fences made up of wooden stakes and wire, and ran into the nearby fields to steal crops. The rancher was very angry about the matter and threatened to quit him.

After observation, Joseph found that the sheep rarely crossed the rose wall surrounded by spikes. So, a lazy idea came to mind: Why not use a thin wire to make a thorny net? He cut the thin wire into a 5 cm long piece, then wrapped it around the wire fence and cut the end of the thin wire into a spike. This sheep who wants to steal the crops has to “look at the net and sigh”, and Joseph no longer has to worry about being dismissed by the rancher. Because his invention was quickly seen by business-minded ranchers, and a factory was opened to specialize in the production of this new grazing fence to meet the needs of other ranches; after the product went on the market, orders were coming, business was very Red fire.

A well-known economist believes that barbed wire is one of the “seven patents that change the face of the world.” It played a clear role in the development of the western frontiers of the United States. It is the use of this double twist barbed wire that allows ranchers to distinguish their pastures from those of others. Because wire mesh is easy to produce, simple to install, and inexpensive, it can effectively isolate livestock and reduce the probability of personal property being stolen. Nowadays, on the grasslands of Australia, you can still see the one side of the barbed wire left by the colonists more than a hundred years ago.