Barbed Wire

Barbed wire is a barbed iron rope, which is also a barbed wire we often say. It is generally used on the wall or used as a barricade on the wall, which makes it difficult for people to cross. Is the cheapest cheap barbed wire.

Iron barbed wire is divided into ordinary three-flower barbed wire and forward-reverse twisted barbed wire according to the weaving method. According to the number of main threads, it is divided into single-stranded barbed wire and double-stranded barbed wire.

Iron barbed wire is generally made of galvanized barbed wire / steel wire. In order to prevent rust, it is also made of hot-dip galvanized iron wire or PVC iron wire. In order to make it stronger, it is also made of steel wire. You can also choose stainless steel wire for aesthetics.

The thickness of the main line is generally BWG16, BWG14, BWG12. The bearing capacity is generally above the main line. Generally, the main line will be thicker, and the barbed line will be slightly thinner, or the same thickness as the main line. ), Can already be customized according to the needs of customers ranging from 2 “-6”, of course, the thickness of the main line and the thickness of the barbed wire can also be customized according to the customer, PVC barbed wire can also be customized according to the color of the customer.

The production process of reverse twist barbed wire is very simple. Two barbed wires are twisted on the main wire through the barbed wire machine and the main wire through forward twisting, reverse twisting, forward twisting or traditional twisting. If the two strands meet, the two main lines meet together more firmly and will not allow the spines to turn back and forth. In order to make the thorns more sharp, the thorn lines are usually cut at a 45-degree angle, leaving sharp thorn tips. Nowadays, the machines are generally numerically controlled by CNC machines, and can be rolled into a fixed number of meters according to the needs of customers.

After the stainless steel razor barbed wire is made, all the barbed tips will be exposed on the outside. For safety reasons, pallets are usually packed and forklifts are used for loading and unloading. Some customers also bulk up in consideration of cost, saving volume and pallet costs.

The installation of the barbed wire is also very simple. It can be directly pulled open and fixed on the barbed wire column, or it can be taken locally. The farm forest is directly fixed on the tree or wooden stake. You can also install it densely or sparsely according to your needs. It is the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient type of installation in barbed wire.